Here must be a video chart from TYTN. I’ve done this one quite a couple of times. I can’t remember when the last time I did it. Well, I had some questions on it and certainly a very important level, chart wise. So why don’t we go over what’s going on and what to look for going into next week. So, there’s kind of two things, two different view points. Either you’re in this for more of a short term, swing trade or maybe you’re a day trader or bottom feeder, or you’re in this for the over all chart. I‘ll try to get both of those view points covered. So, first we’ll just start off with the shorter term players and what’s going on basically right now. If we look here at the chart, more specifically at this orange line right there, which is the 200-day set we’ve been averaged. If you’re familiar with charting, there’s kind of two moving averages here which I call the godfathers of moving averages. The first being the 50-day which is up here and the second being the 200-day set moving average. Pretty much all traders use them, all charters have them on the charts so there is that self fulfilling prophesy type effect with them. But as you would expect, when the price here, with the resistance too, but when the price did get above that, the mass will move and now with the pull back you can see that it’s acting as support, multiple times, now even right now. Yes, technically, it did close below the past couple of days but we have to remember supports and resistances are not specific exact prices. They are more of zones. So, I’m still calling it as support because, yes, it is still within this zone. But really anymore sort of separation and I will put this over the trading back to the resistance. But for the time being, the daily chart perspective also call this the level of support right here, being another good example. There were some closing below then you can see it ended up above this support.

So the same thing here, like I already said, if there are anymore closes below that, or even deeper then I would consider this back to being resistance again. But my point being, we’re right here at the very key spot so I can see here being some bottom feeder, some riskers reward that have been accumulatng here because it is sitting around this very important level of support. So that is what the chart sums for the short time players. And even for the longer term players, I know, we have a very important level. And that is because in the grand, kind of, scheme of things here, if we look at a chart pattern. We’ll leave it like that, a kind of rough sketch we have here, what we would call a flagpole . Put this as orange, there we go, and then we have, like I said, I’m just drawing this very roughly. We have this currently decline here trend which will be the top of our flag and this is our resistance. And then we have another trend line but the bottom portion of that pattern is actually right here. The 200-day, which we’ve been talking about so use your imagination . We have a longer term, a pinnate longer term of flag. Whatever you want to call it in the overall pattern of this chart.

If this does not hold, then you can see that the next level for longer term players , of support, is not until down here, where it was basically free break out . So this 200-day can not hold and essentially the charts gonna be tasked in right back here to where it started before this mass moved, which I know, is not what everybody wants to see. So that’s why in this current time, right now is very important. We got to see this 200 carried on or else things are gonna more than likely head down here, right around the triple zero level again. So, we’ll see what happens and if the price does goes side ways and some more, what we want to see here is this not happened. This wasn’t what you want to see. Big buying . You wanna see buying decrease. But if the price does start to head back up and that’s something. That’s different. The more buying, the better.