This is a video chart on TPIV, nice looking chart here. That’s Bennet and Channel that had recently pulled back. As you can see here but the key thing that had occured was, as you can see right here,a nice hammer candle form. If you’re not familiar with what that is, pretty much, it’s a good bull sign. I;m saying, you know, the price is ready to head right back up. You know, a simple google search on hammer candle and you’ll find all sorts of kid stuff on it. Basically, you can see, like what I said, the hammer candle form. And since then, three green days in a row and in fact, today, nice sized volume. So you can see, volume is drifting upwards, which is what you want to see. When the price is, you know, in a bounce, like it is right now. So, looking for where’s the resistances and where’s the supports.

That’s the key thing that we want to break down here. And the important part also about this day here was that it sure did break below this line here which is the 2000-day set moving average, which is a key level of support on any chart . So, it did break below intraday but because we’re looking at the daily chart, we’ll just care about where the close is at. And you can see that it closed well above it. The next day it did open below but then you can see that it managed to close above it again. And then from that point forward, the price has continued to creep higher and higher. So, with all that being said, 200-day set moving average righ now valued at 21 cents is going to be an important level of support. And if that one can’t quite hold then we do have this level of support down here below it, which is valued at 22 cents. So, let me change this to green real quick to represent support.

And now for the fun stuff, where are the resistance levels at? The first resistance, that the price is currently doing some battle with , if you look closely there, is this purple line here. This is the 50-day set moving average. Another important level for moving average and right now, it’s basically right at it. This is valued at 23 and a half cents and today’s close was at 23 and a half cent. So it hasn’t quite broken through but at the same time, it’s right on the edge there of hopefully pushing through. And now the break of that, the next level of resistance, is at least in my opinion, the important one.And I will show why that is but first let me change this to red to represent this being a level of resistance. We want to make it a little bit thicker because it is an important one. Right here at 27 and a half cents, you can see that it has passed it in the chart multiple of times. The price has bounced down there and here in this section, it didn’t quite hit it but close enough. You get the gist and then here, another few times . So,you know, in a nutshell 27 and a half cents, clearly, has clearly a big time history of acting as a support, excuse me, as resitance, throughout the history of the chart. So, that being said, with the break of 27 cents, I’m sure it’s been a difficult level to get through. But the more difficult a resistance to get through, usually, the stronger the breakout and the farther it can run. And that definitely holds true with this chart. As you can see, the next level of resistance after 27 and a half is until this previous highs up here at 38 cents. That’s just, you know, it is what it is. That’s what the charts says, you know, any chartist that you would ask, what’s the next resistance, it’s 27 and a half. They’d look and find where the next common area of previous highs was. And that’s just way up here. So, the point I’m getting at is with the break of that 27 and a half cents. You know, that is almost basically, a miniature blue sky breakout. This would be a lot of room to run. Now, I’m not saying that it’s gonna skyrocket right here. That’s not what I’m saying but just strictly from a technical perspective, the resistance level id definitely spaced out here. And if yet, we get another bigger volume day, this thing could really get moving. But first one step at a time. First, it has to get to this level here, this little resistance here at 27 and half. A lot of explosive potential here, if this 27 and a half cents level can fall.
So, if there are any other question on the chart. Please let me know, if not, once, more this is TPIV.