This must be a video chart on TOFS, had a few question on this one during the week, and just been busy but keeping an eye on it and seeng that the chart is starting to make some upwards movement here, it’s putting in higher lows, which is the name of the game. And as you can see, just looking here, we had kind of, a long term double bottom but not really, but the point being, we had a low of 0.0007 and a low of 0.0007 and then in the very short term, the uptrend that starts to be formed and we can see the upwards move and then the low here was 0.0009, and then it made another upwards move and currently the lowest low at this point has been 0.0001 . So however you want to look through it, medium term or long term, you know, the chart starts to make some progress.

Still has work to do but you know it’s making progress. So, depending on what your time frame is, the first key level of support, and this is for you over all players that are planning for a long term swing trader or just playing it based on the story from fundamentals is going to be the 200-day set moving average, which is that orange line right there. So, on the big broad, grand scheme of things, as long as the price is going can hold above this moving average, then the over all chart is going to remain in an uptrend. Now, if you are a day trader or something like that, otherwise, you don’t really care about this moving average, but for you longer term players, this is the level that you would want to see. And for the short term players, for the shorter term support, I should say, the level of support that I personallywould like to see hold, is going to be right here at this 0.0011 level. So I’ll change that to green to represent support and now I’ll explain where I’m getting this level from. But if we look back to the history of the chart, you can see that here it acted as support, actually, back here acted as support, a couple of times. When the price did get above here, you can see a nice big move, pulled back, acted as support multiple times. Support here, when it did fall below, you can see, acted as resistance. And once again, back, acting as support. So, in the shorter term, ideally, I’d like to see the 0.0011 level hold as support. But then if that doesn’t, then it kind of turns into the overall support which is this 200-day set moving average down here.

Now, in terms of resistance levels, we’re sitting right here at a resistance level, so, a close at the high of the day. And that really took us by surprise where it close because it’s at a level of resistance. Once again, going back to the history of, once again acted as resistance multiple times here, so, once again, 0.0014, a key level of resistance. And we keep that line skinny because, that is a resistance, yes, you know, another big volume surge like this, you know I don’t think this will put up so much of a fight. With a break up point 0.0014, resistances begin to thin out. There’s another, we’ll call it, kind of, should be more of a minor speed bump up here at 0.0016. And then after that, things really begin to thin out as the next one’s aren’t here until up here around the 0.002 area and above. So, one step at a time, I can say, first is to get above and more importantly close above 0.0014 then head to 0.0016. Then after there, the price really starts to take off, but you know, first off, need to hold these supports and keep putting in these higher close like it has been doing.