Here must be a video chart on TAON. Before I get started I’d let you know to please check my IRP disclaimer. With that being said , this one’s caught my eye as it’s got one of my favorite pattern that’s starting to take shape here. It’s a multi-week pattern, but for those of you that do follow charts, you know, it’s a pretty good pattern in terms of, you know, if the price can break through it. It can produce some pretty good result. So, that’s where I’m gonna kick off the video. The first part, I’m gonna draw the pattern, is simply just the support portion . You can see here that along this trend line, the price has bounced out off it multiple times. So, I’ll make this green to remind everybody that this is the support portion of a pattern. And then the top portion of the resistance comes via this trend line right here. And I’ll get this changed to red real quick to represent resistance portion of the pattern. And then going to the history of the chart, you can see that you know, starting here, acted as resistance, again this trend line acted as resistance. Here the price did break above it a little bit but got knocked back down. Once again, the price bounced right off it. And then two more times here, you can see right here, the price did break through but it was never able to close above it. That is why that’s going to be the resistance portion. And then what we have here is the famous falling wedge pattern. It’s kind of counter-intuitive usually with the word falling, you would think something bad. But a falling wedge is good and actually a rising wedge would be bad. But in this case, we have a falling wedge pattern and you know if you’re not too familiar with it, just simply google, you know, falling wedge, and there’s plenty of information you can find out there on it that will talk about how it is a bullish pattern.

So, this is more like what I said, the over all pattern. But then if you look here in the shorter term, you can see that the price has been going sideways nicely. And in fact, what I want to do is draw it in a little bit here so you can see the price actually better. Yesterday, it did have this nice little hammer candle form that once more happened right here along the support portion of the pattern. So, that was a good sign to see this sort of hammer candle form around the support. And then today, we had a green day that was on lower volume, so kind of, just a hold steady type day. So going forward, the risker’s reward, you know, is very attractive. You know, anything around here would be fine and you have a stop loss somewhere down here, that you know, protect yourself. And then upside, even if we’ll just come up here and re-test this trend line, resistance trend line, that will be pretty good. So just kind of picture it in terms of boxes. You know, this box here would, kind of, represent the risk and then if it ended up going your way, this box here would represent your reward. So it’s very clear that the reward outweighs the risk quite a bit. So from that perspective, it’s also, you know, a nice attractive set up. But then if it can break through this resistance here, then you can see that the next area of resistance would be right up here, where the price has bounced off twice before. This area is at 0.0027, so given from where it is right now and even a break out right around here. That will be a nice percentage gains so there’s quite a bit of upside to this chart, which is a point I’m trying to make. And you know, with the power of stop loss, if you’re just being disciplined, you can really limit your downsize, downside, excuse me, but the upside, you know, is in your favor, assuming you are a disciplined trader.
So that is where the chart currently stands.