I am a StockTwiter Premium Member and you are probably wondering if you should follow the Stock Twiter’s Free Reports or if you should subscribe to the Premium Members list. Let me start by describing their premium service and how it works.

Stock Twiter

Stock Twiter Premium Membership

Essentially you sign up to the Stock Twiter Premium Member Alerts for a one time fee. The cost is pretty reasonable and let me explain why. Whoever runs Stock Twiter is a very savvy penny stock trader. They produce excellent charts and understand technical analysis trading. Although they will never tell you what to do with your money, they will offer insight into stocks that they are promoting. For example, if a trade has blasted off, they will send out an e-mail telling members to wait for it to pull back before entering. They will also tell you support and resistance levels, so you can make a more informed trade. This is completely different than those other penny stock newsletters that just keep pumping even if the stock is tanking.

Now because Stock Twiter is “in the know” they know who is promoting what penny stock. How do they know this? They have been presented with the same deals. If they see a deal that isn’t going to help their members they will release a warning like, “avoid stock BBDA, the company plans to dilute on their shareholders. We aren’t promoting this penny stock, but we know other penny stock promotion companies that are.” Also if they hear whispers of another large promotion that they aren’t paid for, they may still release it to their members to get them in before the other promotion companies start. As you can see, it is only going to take one good trade to cover the lifetime membership to Stock Twiter Premium. Or look at it this way, they are going to save you from at least one bad trade.

Stock Twiter Free Newsletter

Now, I said Stock Twiter is savvy. Their newsletter is going to teach you a lot about trading penny stocks and it is also a great way to invest in your stock trading education. Now that I’ve explained the premium membership, let me tell you a little about the free newsletter. If you sign up for the free newsletter, you are going to get the alert at the same time everyone else does. But if you were a Stock Twiter premium member you would get the alert a day earlier which usually means you can buy the alerted stock at a lower price. One of my strategies is to buy as soon as the premium newsletter is released and then sell the next day when the free members get the same stock pick. As you can see, I am buying low and selling high. This isn’t to say that the free members are going to lose money, but you have a better chance of profiting if you are in before everyone else. This also gives you enough liquidity to exit a large position.

You are probably starting to see the light. Stock Twiter Premium members like to dump their shares on free members. This is the case with any free newsletter. Even if the service doesn’t have a paid subscription, there are certainly guys like me behind the scenes just waiting to unload their shares. People who use the free newsletters for stock picks aren’t going to last long. The people who last are the ones that are in early and then sell to the free members.

Stock Twiter Gains

Now I have seen many of their plays like ZVTK go for over 1000%. I have also seen some of their plays tank, but you know what? They almost always send a message warning their premium members to take an exit because something isn’t going right. It’s usually not Stock Twiter’s fault, but rather people inside the company getting greedy and diluting before the share price hits a certain level. If you trade like me, I exit my trades if I am down 20%. Now, it’s not uncommon for half of their plays to go for 50-100% gains. These can be some quick scores that can really add up in your account. Let me explain why it is so easy for guys like me to make money. I get the Stock Premium alert and I buy $1000 worth of penny stock GETA on Wednesday afternoon. Stock Twiter’s pick usually closes up 25-50%, sometimes even more. Then Thursday morning, I wait for the free newsletter to be released and then watch Level 2 to see how the market is reacting. Then I sell when I see a good exit point. Sometimes the pick gets out early and the stock gaps up in the morning, this is another great time to sell. As you can see, I can quickly make $250-500 for only a couple hours worth of work.

Then I am free to do whatever else during the day. With Stock Twiter you are very likely to win more often than you are going to lose. For me, Stock Twiter Premium was a great investment. For one of my other friend’s it was a great investment. He was able to go buy his dream car, a Mazda RX8 in cash.