It must be a video chart on.. PGIE did this one a couple of days ago when the chart looked like this and I don’t want to say this chart was easy to call or kind of annotate. But if you go back and watch that video, you’ll see that it was pretty evident of the key level to watch, which was 0.004, just based on the previous lows and then previous highs.

So I’m not gonna get into it but if you go back and watch the previous video, you will see why this one is one of the more obvious charts out there, where a nice break over that price level did happen. And with the close above it, that there would probably be some good power through. And sure enough, you can see that the price broke above the .004 level here and you know, big sell out volume. And then from there, carried out even more so well over a hundred percent move since that break out there. And to keep things in perspective, let’s say, you have only gotten 20 to 30% of this move. You know, where else in the world can you get 20 to to30% in a matter of a couple of days? Not a couple of weeks, not a couple of months, a couple of days! So it’s one of those where it’s hard to argue against the power of charts and just the stockmarket in general.

So let’s get up to the chart now, kind of get some updates on it. I have gotten some more questions and requests on it. Not too much to update but there are a few things so that’s where I wanna go. First, I think the update is the new level, kind of, mass hold is gonna be this purple line here, which is the 50-day set moving average right now, valued at 0.004. So hopefully that makes sense. Why? if you are familiar with charting, you will know that the key level of resistance has now turned into support. That’s just basic charting, when the resistance is broken it becomes support. So 0.004 is going to be the overall worldwide support that we wanna see hold if this chart’s got to maintain its kind of integrity in uptrend. Let’s just think about that real quick. Let’s say the price did fall all the way down here, hover around a little bit before heading back up. This set of lows is obviously higher than this set so then when we connect these two lows, we will have the ability to draw that uptrend line. So that answers pretty much the key question: Is 0.004 the new level of support that we don’t really want to see the price fall below? In terms of resistance levels, we are now dealing with the 50-day set moving averages, or that rather, right here, this orange line, the 200-day set moving average, valued at 0.009. And then on top of that, we have the pyschological 1 penny resistance level also. So when you put both of these together , I would expect that this level right here, is kind of stubborn to get through like the 0.004. But you know we have seen what happened when the stubborn level finally did fall so hopefully the same thing happens here. Nothing wrong with what’s been going on, just some consolidation action here and as long as the support level maintains. You know a little pull back here and little volume, that will actually be healthy for the chart. So if there are some red days, as long as the volume is pretty small and the support level maintains itself. By no means there is no need to go freak out about it or anything like that. With the break of the 200-day penny level, the chart really starts to thin out the next level of resistance when it will be until up here at 0.0175. And after that, it’s almost basically a blue sky break out and the next level of resistance won’t be up here until basically 3 cents.