Here must be a video chart on OPMG , I think it bottomed out a month and a half since the last time I did it but I do remember this one being very popular . And had a few question coming on it today. Just pulling out the chart scene at it, we do need a chart update here so , to answer the first question, the chart is still on an uptrend. and Actually, both in the short term and long term. All trends are up so, first let’s just start with the short term trend. How can I say that the short term trend is up? Well, simple enough, if we connect our lows , you can see here that, essentially since back here in early August, we had a low down here, made a nice move, got knocked down here by the moving average. And then when it did pull back, you can see very clearly, put in a higher low right there, which gives us the ability to draw this uptrend line. So that is how I justify myself saying that the short term is in an uptrend.

Now to say that the long term is in an uptrend, all we have to do is simply squeeze down our chart like that and with this, I’m not going to draw any trend line, but it should be simple enough. You can see that we have a set of lows down here and then we have a set of lows pretty much in this area. This set was ever so slightly higher than this set but at the end of the day, who really cares, because this set here was higher than this set. And now that we have this being higher than these ones, you know the trend is up also in the long term. And I find a way to justify calling that a longer term uptrend,as we look right here in the orange line, that is the 200 day set moving average. You can clearly see that there is an upward slope to it. So that shows that the over all trend is up. Now, the medium term has gone neutral and the reason I say that is looking at this purple line here, which is the 50-day set moving average, you can see very clearly that, that is just simply a flat line, it ai’nt going sideways. So With the 50-day going sideways like that, that is where, kind of, the neutrality comes in, in terms of the medium term trend. But short term based on this trend line, long term based on the lows, and also on this moving average here, is bullish. With the medium term right now being neutral due to this sideways moving average right here.

Now, zooming back in, the good thing here and I know some people were hoping that it closes higher, close at the high of the day. But the thing that caught my eye is volume has been increasing the past three days. I haven’t yet found the story but something is causing interest to grow more and more and as long as this volume continues to increase, in other words, as long as interest continues to increase, in the chart and stock, that’s always a good thing. Volume shows the amount of interest and right now over the past three days, interest seems to be growing somewhat. Not by huge amount but at the same time, increasing volume is always a good thing specially when the price is creeping upwards with the increase in volume. In terms of support levels, I’ve pretty much already touch on that. Ideally we want to stay above this uptrend line right here. That way this short term trend can then convert into a medium and then longer term trend. Key resistance level right now is what we were talking about right here, this purple line of the 50-day set moving average. So right now that’s valued at basically 5 cents. So keep your eye on the 50-day as that will be the key level of resistance. And after that, things can actually start to to thin up quite a bit. So the price can get moving relatively quickly, if a strong volume break can occur through this 50-day.