Here must be a video chart on MYFT. I’ve been getting some questions and requests on this one and rightfully so, very nice looking chart. As you can see back here, and basically early September, I had these two candles put in this lower weeks and then from there, it’s been higher highs and higher lows. And the chart’s really been making some good progress. And pretty recently, an event occurred that hasn’t happened a very long time, and we’ll talk about that in a second. And you know the chart is getting ready to do some battle with the Akila but we’ll get to that a little bit too. But first I want to scrunch up the chart because there is a level of support that needs to be pointed out. And it does at all make sense and why this is a pretty important level. So two cents is that level, and the reason for that is just simply, that is where this low was.

So let me change this to green first, and all of this support level is not the muscled one. There’s another important level but this support area is simply coming from this low here. So if you look here, you can see clear support, you can see back and here multiple times the price was bouncing on, you know, above and a little bit below that area multiple times. And once again here, you know about three weeks in a row, when the price was just really hovering right around. And then when the price did fall through here, you could see that classic example of a support turning into a resistance. And then it’s been acting as resistance here, but then yesterday you can see the clearer close above it. So when I zoom back in, just keep in mind, this is where you know the green line is coming from. So zooming back in now, so we can see. a little bit better, of what’s going on.

Once again, there’s that two-cent line, like I said, there was that more important support level. Two cents is important but at the end of the day the key level that we want to see the price stay above, is this purple line right here, which is the 50- day set moving average. And actually, the point I was bringing, to begin the video is, like I was saying, the price is not broken and closed above the 50-day cents back here in June and that was only for a day.

But in terms of back to back days close and above the 50-day, you can see that hasn’t happened until late April here, so first time in a long time that the price has actually been able to get some close above this key moving average. So, well, two cent is the important support level but at the end of the day, 50-day is going to be the key level of support that we really want to see hold. On the flip side of the coin as I mentioned at the beginning of the video, the price is actually at the very important level in terms of potential price to get through, and that level is right here at this orange line valued at .026. This is the 50 or 200-day, excuse me, set moving average. And if you are not familiar with charts, you just have here two key moving averages. I like to call them the godfather of the moving averages. And those are the 50-day and then the 200-days, so not surprisingly the price came up here, and had high at .026. And then got, you know, rejected back down. Nothing to worry about because that would be very pretty typical, given the 200 days set moving average is right here. And then finally, very clearly more and more eyes are getting on this. And what gives me the right to say that is right here. You can see that the biggest volume is here, in a while, and volume is the best indicator of interest.

Stocks with zero interest have zero volume. So clearly, over the past couple of weeks, you can see that overall turn of volume has been upwards. So interest has been increasing and with the interest, the chart has begun to go into an uptrend, so you know, really the chart firing in cylinders. That’s worth keeping an eye on. So let’s see what the rest of this week brings.