Here is a video chart on IDCC. I’m a long time follower of this one and I’ve been getting a few questions on it. And I want to get back here and update it as I kind of sat back and wanted to see how it reacted after this latest, basically insanely move here, where it gapped and run. For those of you who haven’t heard of gap and run, this is actually a real life example of them here. A lot of time people just tried to take, let’s say, if something tried to gap and run, and never does. But this is actually a true to life case. You know big board stock gapped up and then gapped and run. So, that was a good example, but a lot of time with this, you’ve got to sit back and just figure out what’s going to happen from there. Is the price gonna maintain itself or is it essentialy going to head right back down? And in the case of IDCC, as history has shown us, it’s done a great job of maintaining this gain. So, you know I’ve always followed the chart on this one. A little bit of the story, whatever caused this, obviously has genuine strength behind it. We also have to remember that the market has been essentially teetering the past couple of weeks. And look at this action, IDCC has been going sideways. So, if that’s not a sign of, you know, of a real strong strength, I don’t know what is. So, I’m giving the context of what’s been going on over this course of time. And to see side ways price action, you know, that’s a very good sign. And if the market really starts to bounce then I would say that this chart’s looking at another way to the upside.

So, first let’s just start off , I kind of just gave it away, but the key support that we’re gonna be watching is simply these low down here where the price is headed or I should say, has come close to heading, just quite a few times now. So, let me change this to green to represent the support level . This level right here is valued right around what is called the 63.60 region. A couple of times here it went down to 63.08. Here we had 63.18 and then here we had 64.13. So, you get the point. It’s just a little area and we’re just caught right there . So right around, like I said the 63.60, no, let’s just call it the $63. Right around on the $63 dollar mark, that’s where this level, or there’s been quite a bit of support. And as long as that continues to hold, that’s going to bode very well for the chart. In terms of resistance levels, a couple of things we can do. You know, if you want to draw this downtrend line, that will be completely acceptable from a technical perspective. But kind of, what I’ve seen, when I’m looking at it, we have this area right here, where the price is headed once agan like that support. Quite a few times now, this high which is right around the 74, we’ll just call it the 80 region over here, that had a high of 74.99 or 75.14. Down here, we’re calling it, what I say, 63 right here. Up here, let’s just call this is a $75 area of resistance. And if this level here, which I will change to red to represent resistance, if this can fall, then depending on what the volume is doing but if it, you know, repeats itself here then we have a nice certain volume. But with a 75 break on strong volume, I’m taking it that this previous high right here is going to be tested pretty quickly which is at 82.50. So, with a break, strong volume break of 75, no, I think 82.50 and possibly higher , this price is just around the corner, given the past history of this and how it moves. So, in a nutshell, the first few things that happened is that after this gap, it had maintained its gain during a very, very, very rough time and all, it had. So, with that $63 key level of support right now and $75 is the key break up point. And with the strong volume break of that, you know, in my opinion, I think it will head right back above 80 very quickly.