Here must be a video chart on EXTO. I made a comment last month on this, that this was one of the best looking penny charts in all of penny land and it continues to hold that trend and looks exactly that way. If you can find a penny chart that’s got this sort of trend, please send it my way because I will be interested and try to accumulate some shares on it. But this thing has been, since the last video, when you shrink it up even more, you can see that this move here, that we’re currently in, is just a result of this fallen wedge pattern that broke out and it formed over that three months. And now we’re seeing that break out it result at. So, the chart has given a longer term trend and this is just this trend, excuse me. It has been a really nice past year for this one, and after this week, it has just continued to have higher highs. The last time I did a video, the chart looks like this and then the next day you can see that the price dropped down.

You can also see that the volume decreased, which is exactly what you’d want to see during the consolidation period. It started to put in some green there, last volume is still just consolidation. And then you can see there, price kicked back up, volume kicked back up, this is all text book stuff, and then today, put in a higher highs. Not quite as much volume but besides that, you know, this thing’s really been a text book chart. So, this video is really quick, not so much to update this event. You know, the trend remains intact but the thing, kind of, the main question I got from a couple of people, Is there really something that we can watch to gauge the strength of everything. And I say, just simply keep an eye on this green line here, which is the 20-day set moving average. You can see that, since essentially, back here in late July, the price, no, excuse me, back here in early July, that was the last time that the price was below this and every single time after that, the price has gotten close to it. It’s acted as a support, so, right there, support, right here, support, right here, support, and it hasn’t touched it since then. But I would keep an eye on this, and then, for those looking to accumulate, this seems to be the key little area. Since early July when everytime the price has gotten close to it, you know, the bulls would come in and provided support. Even if this does fell, by no means it’s not the end of the world because we still do have its bigger brother right here. The 50-day set moving average, still looking upwards. But for the people that, you know, are concerned about this current trend, the 20-day would be the key level to watch. But in the grand scheme of things, you know, once again, point us back and see in the over all chart. Really, the key level where we want to see the price would be this 50-day set moving average right there.

In terms of resistance levels, not really too much talk about it, essentially in a blue sky break out. You can technically call today’s high of .0129, resistance. But even with that, you know, just make sure, it’s a little skinny resistance line, if you draw up there, just to represent their not being too much of a resistance, if any, at all. So, over all, you know, great looking chart. Just keep an eye on the 20-day set moving average, but at the end of the day, what really matters is how the price reacts. If it even comes down here, you know, that’s a long drop. So, if the price level, even if it comes down here. That’s the ultimate level that you want to see it hold.