This is a video chart on EXTO. I’m not sure if I’ve ever done this one before but if not, shame on me. This is probably one of the better looking penny stock charts in all of Penny land. Not just from this perspective here over the past couple of months but if we shrink up the chart, you can actually see that the price originally made this big move here and then went through a multi amount of consolidation formation but kind of, formed a ledge pattern there. But maintained the lows so these lows were very clearly higher than these ones. And then since, made a break out of the pattern, you can see pull back, back tested this purple line here. And then from there, I’ts just been shagging on upwards. A very nice chart both from, you know, this perspective of it. And then just the over all perspective of this too, you know, from basically the past year. For this video, though, I’m just gonna focus on, more of the, kind of a high one, how you want to call it, we’ll just call this, the shorter to medium term time frame, depending on the strategy, you may consider this long term. But this portion of the over all chart, we’ll just call it. That’s where I’m going to mainly focus on here.

So as you can see, the chart went to this little period of consolidation. And then today, finally got the breakout and you can see here was a breakout in combination with above average line. So this is just an absolutely classic example of how you want to see consolidation works with an uptrend. Big volume here on the breakout, and then during the sideways action, check out the volume , decreased and then on the breakout, increased again. So you can put this in writing to a text book cause it acted exactly how you want to see it. So this is a great, kind of, real life example of a nice healthy, kind of example, of breakout, consolidation or breakout consolidation and then break out again. So going forward, where are the levels here that the price continues to hold? Well, as you can see, first let’s get this changed this to green to represent support. But during this last year time of consolidation, the previous high of .0073, which was a resistance became support. And then, great job of holding as support right there. So, continuing going forward, this is going to be the level that we want to continue to see hold right here on the .0072 region right there. Now, another level of support is going to be right there around this area here. And we’ll call this the, you know, .009 area. Now, I’m gonna leave this line extra skinny just to represent, it is a support, yes, but at the same time, if the price can’t hold above it, no need to freak out because there are still plenty of other supports below it.

Now, in terms of resistance levels, really there’s a couple of them. And once again, I’m just gonna leave this line skinny because while they are resistance levels, I don’t foresee either of them having any sort of a huge signal hurdle over with another volume move. In terms of increasing volume, I don’t see these, either of these levels presenting much of a problem but like I said, they are technically resistances. The first one being at .0105 and another one being at today’s high .0111. So these are going to be two resistance levels, these are two support levels. Once again, in the grand scheme of things, there’s all sorts of support levels but these are just the two that are closest to the current price level right now.