This must be a video chart on EMXC. I’m not sure if I’ve done this one before. I think I have but regardless, had some questions on it today and I want to give my thoughts on it. Going into the weekend here, depending on what your strategy is, that’s really going to dictate how you can analyze your chart. If you’re a day trader, you know, and you bought somewhere up here then you should already be out at this key support level here, has already fallen. If you are a swing trader, this here is a rough spot. You see that the price has closed below the 50-day set moving average here. But if you’re in this for the over all picture and the plan is for the long term, then there is still hope. You know, the bulls still have a chance. Before you call me crazy, and, you know, accuse me, how can you say that? Let’s take a look here at the always important and very famous 200-day set moving average right there, which is that orange line. And right now that’s valued at .0009, so, like I said, if you’re a day trader and you have bought shares up here, your stop loss has already been triggered.

If you’re a medium term swing trader, this isn’t what you really want to see, the price closing below this 50-day. But for those over all players, you know, the 200-day moving average is the one that you want to monitor. And the price is still clearly above it. So, that’s going to be the level that you want to keep your eyes on. You know if the price can not hold above here, if the price should come down here and test it, but if it does, that can hold, and then you can see that really, the next level of support isn’t going to be until all the way down here. And I’m sure nobody would want to see the price that far down. That’s why, you know, this 200- day is really an important level of support. Also on the same note, for those risker rewards players, bottom feeder, whatever you want to call yourselves, this is going to be a nice possible level here. Obviously, if you’re not a disciplined trader then you shouldn’t partake in anything like this but if you have no problem in taking a loss and understanding that losses are part of the game then this could present a very nice trading opportunity for those bottom feeders who like to play the nice risker’s reward set-up. So, .0009 is going to be the important level on the chart, for those types of strategy also.

In terms of resistance levels, the key one right now is simply going to be this .0015 level. And this is coming from what the 50-day set moving average currently valued at right there. So, with any sort of bounce, a good measure of the strength of the bounce is first going to be, close above the 50-day set moving average. And second, how far above it, it can close, if it does close above there. So, keep your eye on that, this will be a great gauge of measuring the strength of any sort of bounce. And another level of resistance that you can follow is just simply the trend line resistance of what has been become this downtrend line here. So, with the break above this line, here and another break above this down trend line. Depending on what’s the volume like, if it’s something like one of these days, you know,we can definitely see one of these nice follow through breakout. But if it is some kind of small, I mean, if it’s like that. I am not saying that a follow through couldn’t happen but the best way to look at it is, the more volume, the more confidence you can have in that break out. So, with any sort of breaks above these lines here, I’d definitely keep track of volume and see how strong the breakouts truly are.

So, that’s where the chart currently stands, once again, keep your eye on the 100-day set moving average at .0009 and then these two levels here are going to be the key levels to break in any sort of bounce.