Here must be a video chart on EGOC, before I get started , big congratulations to Kay Hallis, from, this poster was, tell me about this one. Multiple times, ask me to do the chart , well, it’s just not busy, but this are the alerts before we get around this area here, before today’s big move, so good luck to him or her and you know, I should have listened, but oh, well, so moving on to the chart here.

What we’re looking at is the 60-minute chart, so all that means, if you’re not familiar with charting is that, each one of these candle sticks representing one day’s worth of price action, one week’s price action, each one simply represents 60 minutes. And the reason why I wanted to do this time frame, just because the daily chart really pulled back up here real quick. Really didn’t tell us much, except, price moved, consolidated, and went back upwards and black to that, It gets kind of, what sort of price action you want to see, since the price is basically up here in blue sky territory. So coming back down to the 60-minute chart, it does give us a litle bit better idea and better capability to break it down and analyze what’s going in here in the chart. So, just real quick, a little chart lesson that you can see that the volume was dead and the volume looked like this for a long time. You know, if we squeeze up the chart you can see that going way back, you can see that the chart basically was not getting any action. And then, here you saw volume creep up, and the price got up here above this 50 period set moving averages, which is that purple line right there, so keep tyour eye on that line. So, we’ve had this big volume price got above it, another big volume so this is kind of, another secondary confrimation to the first big volume day. And the from there, you know, made some high moves up and everytime, it would pull back. You can see right where it would find support and then finally, today, after this multiple day consolidation, price broke out, confirmed by big volume. And as you can see, increasing volumes with these three bars. And now it has been cosolidating a little bit here in the latter portions of the day. But, it’s a good little example of some volume coming in. Looking at the support and then as you can see, basically three times, that means once, twice, thrice, three times the price came down tested this 50-day period set moving average and has held upwards.

So where are the support levels? Well, the first key level, an ideal level, meaning ideally, this would be great if it can hold but if it doesn’t, you know, don’t go freak out or anything like that. It’s going to be right here, and I’m leaving this line skinny just to represent this being a support, but not a must hold one and that’s 0.0026. The next level of support can be right down here where these previous highs were. So you can see a good example of resistances turning into a support and that level is at 0.002, can make this line a little bit thicker because it is a little bit more important . But at the end of the day, hopefully, you’ve already figured this out, but the must hold level is right here at the 50-day period set moving average and you know, just based on the history, as long as the price can continue to hold about that, you know, then this chart can continue to hold on this nice little uptrend and keep on looking strong.

In terms of resistance level, really, the only one that I can see is back in the 0.0035 here and after that, the chart is back in the bluesky breakout territory. So from the resistance’s stand point, pretty quite and dry. So 00.0035 is the key level you want to keep an eye on.