Here must be a video chart on DUSS, very nice chart here, not to state the obvious, but you can see that it’s really begin to come to life as the price has start to put in higher lows and higher highs, and obviously, that is the name of the game. Not to be net picky, but you know, not that volume is bad, it’s been extremely good, compared to the, you know, past multiple months but I would like to see the volume, more and more pick up. Get, you know, more liquidity into it but if this sort of price action continues with the higher lows, then it should only be a matter of time before you really start to see volume increase, which is obviously a reflection of how much interest there actually is, you know, in the stock.

So, overall, up to a good start. I mean, you know, with this action continuing, that would begin to set up more and more scanners, radars, whatever you want to call them, and just bring in more and more eyes to it. So we have the 50-day as you can see here, starting the slope upwards so that’s always a good sign and that should, you know, the longer thiscontinues to slope upward, the more people are going to see the chart, you know, find it attractive and with the nice uptrend and then, you know, this volume should start to increase.

So let’s break down some resitance and support levels, resistance is pretty easy. So, first let’s just look at the support levels. Technically, yes, this level here is a support, because it was a previous resistance, the price closed above it. So, yes, in a strict sense, it is a support. So, I will change this to green, but just keep in mind that, you know, if the price does drop below it, by no means, should you freak out, that’s why I’m going to leave that line extra skinny. So the first level of support is at .0054 but because the price barely closed above it, yes, it is a support, but at the same time don’t go jumping out of any windows if the price drops below it, or closes below it. The more important level of support that I’d like to see, going forward now, is going to be down here at.004. Let’s try that again, and I’m going to make this line a little bit skinnier because it is more of an important level of support, and where it’s just coming from. We had a close right here, and then the next day you can see that the price just tried to go above it but couldn’t so there is a resistance. So there is a resistance,when the price did close above it here, it turned into a support, and then sure enough the price go back, back tested it, and then when the price go back, you saw it hold as support today. So, .004 is going to be more, the key level of support, going forward. But at the end of the day, the key level of support that is kind of, as I would classify, as the must hold level is going to be down here at .003 and that’s simply coming from a couple of highs over here in late June. So, we make this line to represent support and I’m going to make this line thick to represent this being an important level of support. And the reason for that, being, you know let’s say the price did drop all the way back down here, consolidated before going back up. You can clearly see that this set of lows would still be higher than where it was previously and then, connect these sets of low, you can see a very clear evident uptrend line. I’m sure nobody would want to see it drop all the way down here, but if it did, and we can see it holds, then the over all chart is still, you know, intact. And just to end the video, real easy, the .005 level of resistance, simply this orange line right here, which is the 200-day set moving average sloping down. So, imagine if it’s going to be very stubborn and it will get through , but it’s right now valued at .0069. so That’s going to be the key level to keep your eye on. And if the price comes up to close at this level right here, then the chart’s really going to look good because this is a big milestone in terms of charts, you know, in accomplishment level.