Here is a video chart on CRWV. A very monstrous stock over the past few days. Now, there’s a big promotion going on it and then , you know, good job to them, they’re really getting the price up. I’ve got a few questions about it as I am sure you can imagine. A lot of people’s been talking about it. So, what we’re looking at here is a 60-minute chart. The reason why I’m not doing the daily is if you pulled it up real quick, you can see that since it’s such a newly traded stock, you can see down here all the volume Really can’t say too much from it, so it’s a little bit easier to see him breakdown from the sixty minute view. And you know the video’s going to be pretty quick.

Like I said, even with this, there’s really not too much history with it, but the key thing, in my mind to be watching, is this blue line here, which is the 10 period set moving average on the 60 minute. And as you can see, essentially everytime the price has gotten close to it, or in a few times hit it, for example right here. It has recovered nicely here, went all the way over to it but did’nt quite hit it. But you get the point, it basically bounced off like a trampoline. And then the perfect example right here, in the last hour of today, price went down there. The cool heads were probably sitting down here, accumulating some shares, trying to get as many as they could. And sure enough, bounced back up and close up over eleven cents. So the key little, kind of, wave it has been riding so well has been this ten period moving average on the sixty minute chart. So that’s the one that I’d kind of keep my eye on. You can see multiple times in the history of the chart now. Over the past couple of days, done a good job of providing support whenever prices gotten close to it.

In terms of over all key support, as usual, will be the 50 period set moving average right here. You know, if the price comes down here, that would be a good risk for sure. But if you start to get close below this moving average, you really, kind of, going to step back and ask the question, what’s going on. But the price does come down here and if you’re one of those people who can honor stop losses and so forth, you know, this could be a very nice risk for reward. But for the time being it hasn’t even come close to retesting this efforts, broke into it right here, as it’s just been the ten period that’s been getting tested.

In terms of resistance level, you can see that up here, basically, at .123, has been where the price got knocked down a couple of times. So that’s essentially the only resistance level and after that, that’s back in the blue sky break out territory. So I’ll change that to red real quick for resitance. I’m going to leave that lines skinny though because yesterday was a resistance but I don’t see it as some huge mammoth resistance. So with another push right here on a strong volume that the stock’s been getting, I don’t realy foresee this putting up too much of a fight. For that price, it should be able to get through it but if you are looking at it from more of an over all chart perspective, the key is where do this price close? It has been plenty of times before the price goes above the resistance but doesn’t quite close above it. But it sort of closes above this level here. It’s really just gonna add nicely to this current uptrend that the chart has been putting in.