This must be a video chart of ALCL, what we’re lookingat here is a 60-minute chart, daily chart. I don’t think that’s a good of a job in showing what has been going on and there’s not too much history with the chart. So, I wan’t to stick with the 60-minute ahead. Quite a few questions on it today, so I guess the 60-minute does a good job of what’s going on. Of course, if you’re some sort of long term investor trader, now, the 60-minute chart really isn’t going to be, you know, the chart of choice in terms of time frames but I’m guessing the majority of people are in this for either just a simple trade or maybe a longer, sort of , type of swing trade. So, looking here at the 60-minute, the first thing that really sticks out is the pattern that has taken shape over the past couple of trading periods. That being a bull flag, a bull penant, whatever you want to call it. Use your imagination, you can see here that with this action, that we have a flag pole here and then this portion of it, makes the pennant of the flag, portion of the pattern, you know, whatever you want to call it. Now, seeing that, the key level of support here is going to be based from over here and I want to, I’ll zoom back in, but I want to show everybody where this line is coming from when we zoom back and close, so everybody has an idea, But this level right here , which was a previous level, make that a little thicker, previous level of support, which one fell right here. You can see it turn inot a resistance.

Price try to get back up through, right here, got rejected, price try to get back up to, right here, was rejected. And when it was broke again, you can see what happened. The price made a nice move up and has since pulled back. And look here, resistance turns into support. So, great example here of a support becoming a resistance and then once again, becoming a support.Now, as you can see right here, has been holding up. Now that we know where this green line comes from, this is a key level here that I would ideally like to see hold, going forward, if the chart wants to continue going sideways, consolidate some, you know, fine by me, but as long as this level right here holds and we’ll call it right around the 5 cents level. As long as 5 cents holds, the chart’s going to remain healthy in this little uptrend here that it has.
In terms of resistance levels, this one’s simple enough. Just looking at where these previous highs are, you can see, we had a high here of 0.073, high here of 0.072.So, whatever you want to call, I guess we can call it 0.0725, we can call this as resistance. With any sot of upwards move, it’s always, with any sort of upwards price action. We want to see days like these, as you can see, these two heavy volume days corresponding with two nice upward volume days. And as long as we continue to go sideways, or if there’s a little bit more of a pull back, that’s where we want to see volume as small as possible. So, in any sort of upwards move, the higher the volume, the better, but with any consolidation, we want to see volume as low as possible.