Here is a video chart of AAGC, All American Gold Corporation. Before I get started I would like to know, please check my IR page disclaimer. With that being said, as you can see looking down here the chart has been pretty quiet. And then these last three days, the chart has really come to life in terms of volume and liquidity. So with that being said, you know, it’s one of these where it’s been doing over half a million dollars worth of volume so you really don’t have to worry about, am I going to be able to sell? Like you would have to on some of these penny charts that have 15 – 20,000 dollars worth of daily volume, you know, not the case here so that’s always a pro. You don’t end up yourself alone.

So let’s break down the chart here, kind of, look at what’s been going on and then what we want to see going forward. The first thing to start and I don’t mean to point out the obvious but today’s action was pretty rough but it could have been a lot worse. What I would like to say is that the price was able to fight back and show that it didn’t just roll over and give up. At one point, the price was down here at a low of 71 and a half cents. By the time the closing bell came around, the bulls were able to push it all the way back up to 79 cents. So why is this significant? Well, sometimes you’ll see charts, with a pull back, you know, it begins a pull back, things get out of hand but then the price never recovers. The bulls pretty much roll over. You see the price close basically near the low of the day and then the next day, things continue to get worse. At least with this one, a lower whip was able to be formed, and the price was able to push back here and close at a lot further than the headband, at one point during the day. We do know that the chart has some strength to it, based on this ability to fight back like what we saw here during the morning and early afternoon time frame.

In terms of support levels and what we want to see continue to hold going forward, first one to keep an eye on is going to be just simply the previous low that we saw during this pullback here, which was at 76 cents. As you can see the price did drop below at intraday but because we’re looking at the daily chart, we care about where the closes are. So the price was able to close above this, and hold that support, which is exactly what we want to see. So, we’ll make this change to green for support. And another area of support that we don’t want to make sure holds on any sort of pull back, is going to be the previous resistance level. Over here you can see that at 75 cents, there’s a bunch of them, so you can probably ask yourself why did I do one that was so close to the other one? I wanted to kind of make a point, of this area right here being very important to the chart because we do have quite a bit of history. We have this, all these previous highs here, and then we have this low. So, essentially, we can just call this a support zone between the 75 and the 76 cents area that we ideally want to see the price continue to close above. If it doesn’t, and we still have this low down here, which is where the bulls stepped in at 71 and a half cents. But if you ask me where the ideal area be that we want to see the price continue to hold above, that would definitely be the 75, 76 cents area right here.

Now, in terms of resistance levels, really, we have one right there, which is at a previous high of 89. And then we have our blue sky break out, which is just simply the high from a couple of days ago, which was at 94 cents. So, 89 and 94 are going to be the two areas of resistance. This one I will make a little thicker because this represents the big area before, you know, the price should break out into the blue skies. And this one I’m going to leave skinny, because, yes, this is a resistance level, but at the same time, with enough buying strength, I don’t see this putting up too much of a fight. And then the other thing I wanted to point out was our moving averages here. You can see both still have upward slopes to them As long as this is the case, then we’re fine. The other moving averages we don’t have because it might, like I said, the chart is still pretty new. But overall, the chart’s hanging in there. It is in an uptrend and as long as our support levels can continue to hold, then you know, this trend will hopefully continue. And you know, just looking at it right now, you can see, we do have a case where there is a pull back and then we’re able to accumulate, got a nice move here. So we’ll see if that is the case now. We had a pullback, the price had some panic selling but our support levels were able to hold. So, hopefully we’ll be able get some follow through as the week is young and we still have four days to go before, you know, to let this chart, kind of play out, and see what kind of consolidation or maybe upwards move we will get.